Infant A.L.L

Infant A.L.L.

Leukaemia is a cancer of the blood cells which begins in the bone marrow.

The bone marrow is the spongy tissue which produces all of the body’s blood cells.

There are three types of blood cell:

  • Red Blood Cells - these carry oxygen around the body.
  • White Blood Cells – these help to fight infection .
  • Platelets – these help to clot the blood, controlling bleeding and bruising.


Acute Leukaemia in a baby under one year old is a very distinct type of leukaemia. Research has shown that a gene translocation (mutation) called MLL, takes place whilst the baby is still in the womb. This mutation leads to leukaemia very quickly in infancy.


Mutations such as this happen when chromosomes break and then join together with other broken chromosomes resulting in gene translocations. The change is irreversible and leukaemia then develops in the baby.

Treatment for these babies is very intensive and aggressive. Sadly some babies don't survive the harsh treatment and there is a higher risk of relapse for those who do.

Survival rates for this age group remain very low. Only half of these children will pull through. Diagnosis and treatment in babies is so difficult that much research is underway to try something different. The charity Children with Leukaemia in conjunction with Great Ormond Street Hospital, are investing a huge amount of time and money into further researching the understanding and treatment of Infant ALL.

We think this research will lead to fresh hope and improved survival for these babies around theworld.


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